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About PerryHill International

At PerryHill International, it is our pledge to provide our customers with the most advanced, high quality products and solutions available. The products we distribute through our esteemed suppliers represent some of the best the world’s medical industry can offer. We pride ourselves in offering the best service, product, and solution at competitive prices, resulting in total customer satisfaction.

Business Model


To be the preferred partner in business, and the first choice for high quality, medical technologies in the health industry of South Africa and the African Continent.

Mission Statement

We will be a professional, recognized partner in selected target markets, meeting the ever-changing customer needs, by providing innovative, quality products and excellent service to the long-term benefit of all stakeholders.

Company History

PerryHill International was incorporated in 1995 by John Hill and Mike Perry, as an international trading corporation. PerryHill’s main focus was in the medical device industry and they distributed for companies like Ballard Medical and Megadyne, of which we still distribute these products.


PerryHill International introduces new, leading edge medical technologies into Southern Africa. Mostly these are single use products that are either used in a procedure or implanted into a patient. We select the best performing, highest quality products that are available in each medical segment that we enter. In most cases we are first to market or we supersede existing products with a more advanced technology.


New technologies normally require significant training of medical personnel to ensure adoption with effective and safe use. We commit a significant amount of resources to training. Some of our products are used by patients after release from the hospital, and we ensure the best product performance and outcomes with dedicated after sales services.


Human resources are an extremely important part of our business operations. Most of our products can play an important role in preserving the live of our patients, or significantly contributing to their quality of life. This is a big responsibility and we take it seriously. To do this we employ people who have the clinical skills to train the users of our products. We are also committed to having our employee structure reflect the demographic profile of our industry and our country.


Our management philosophy is to empower employees to perform effectively, and be the expert in their field, through continuous skill development programs. Each person has their own area of responsibility, has authority to function within this area of responsibility and is accountable for it. We encourage personal growth and improvement through training, mentoring and experience.

Our Team

Anita Hill - CEO
Wade Hill - MD
Andrew Trojnar - CFO
Toni van Rooyen - Divisional Manager Surgical Solutions
Geraldine Napier - Divisional Manager Critical Care
Shaun Le Roux - IT Manager
Frank Brits - Imports & Exports Manager
Ronelle Herbst - Market Access Co-Ordinator
Cytherea Walters - Bookkeeper
Bert Walters - Warehouse & Inventory
Cornel Pratt - Sales
Renee Le Roux - Marketing
Palesa Mncube - Sales & Tender Co-Ordinator
Joel Mohlahlo - Warehouse & Inventory
Dorcas Mohlahlo - Reception
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