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High Standard of Service

Our professional representatives offer continued medical education, workshops and ongoing in-service training for both day and night nursing staff.

We aim to create Customer Value through an extensive product offering. Ongoing training and support of your healthcare professionals, which has been a part of our service and after sales service delivery, since 1995, and we will continue with the high standard of in-service you have become accustomed to.

Ongoing Education in Hospitals on a Rotational Basis


Old and new staff, as well as session workers are trained

Product Knowledge

Refreshing of knowledge and skills on a rotational basis


New technology, information and relevant trials are communicated on a regular basis

Representatives do troubleshooting and evaluation of the needs for in-service-training. Relevant lectures are done to ensure the highest level of skill and knowledge amongst the end user and care givers


Field visits by Managers and representatives to facilitate ongoing training and education for both the representative and the end user or care giver. Offers more than just product training: Relevant education, i.e. Ventilation aspects regarding secretion management, Nosocomial infections in the ICU, Ventilator Associated Pneumonia, Cuff Pressure Control, Silent Aspiration,  Infection Control, Oral Care, Tracheostomy suctioning and Care, Enteral feeding devices, Humidification, etc will be given as requested. Our goal is to provide sufficient knowledge to assist in reducing nosocomial infections in the Theatre and ICU as a whole: the non-antibiotic measures - thus saving costs for the hospital and patient. Level of training at hospitals and workshops will be according to standards set currently by the hospital group regarding educational systems and in the future by SANC for CPD points. Liaise with employment agencies to ensure same level of training for the session workers of the hospitals. We set up a training school with a library, for relevant education at our head offices to ensure that our representatives remain the experts in the market segments they serve. Coordinate attendance of congresses, seminars and refresher courses. Available 24 hours for emergency advice, and deliveries of products.


Free entrance for delegates. A number of successful workshops were held over the last 16 years, and we will continue training in this manner in future. Workshops focus on Anatomy, Physiology, Indications, Complications, Nursing care, Infection control, Nosocomial infections, maintenance and care, etc. Speakers like Prof. Rob Brown, Dr. Martin van Niekerk, Professors Prescott, Krige, Van der Boon, Beale, etc will be involved.

Supplier commitment and support are available from abroad to customers. Periodic field visits are done by them to assist in understanding the South-African market and needs.

Regional 1 or 2 day workshops with all healthcare professions. In-house product training in association with clinical facilitator of the hospital. (E.g. Tracheostomy care, suctioning of the ventilated patient, Gastrostomy workshops, etc.) Networking with other healthcare professions (e.g. dietitians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, etc.). Accommodating training programs with students. Detailing forums and associations (e.g. Pulmonology - & ENT, etc., as well as SATS, Infection control & Critical care associations).


We have maintained a constant level of support, product backup, problem solving, solutions, training and presentation in all divisions. Some patients move into home-care after leaving the hospital. PerryHill International will facilitate follow-up with home care visits through Imani Home Care Nursing Services, to all patients with a Halyard/BALLARD or Tracoe product supplied by the hospital, for visits by their dedicated Clinical Facilitators in JHB, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. We undertake to continuously improve this value-delivery process of customer satisfaction to you. This results from an accurate, well-managed procurement system always striving to satisfy your every need by providing the product as and when needed.


Our administrative function is designed to be efficient and effective.  The goal of the administration department is to provide effective support to the marketing efforts by ensuring uninterrupted product supply, and efficient documentation.  Our debt collection is extremely efficient with average debtor’s days of 34, and less that 1% of our debtor’s book over 60 days.  Our financial management is conservative with minimal use of outside funds, and payment of suppliers and vendors is on the due dates. Our professional staff strives towards service excellence providing quality back-up service and support to all our clients. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Nationwide. We offer consignment stock options, and we will restock non-expired items without question, at no extra cost. Consignment stock remains the responsibility of the product representative who will routinely check the consignment. Stock agreement contracts available, or will be entered into with each hospital according the hospitals internal policies, to protect you, the client, as well as us, the supplier.

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